At Sierra Green Builders we build Custom, Sustainable, and Log Homes. As Certified Green Building Professionals, we offer restorations, remodels, and additions in all styles of building but with an eye on how to save our clients costs in energy-savings, reduce their exposures to chemical compounds, and offer them choices of using recycled or re-use materials to reduce construction waste.

Yet while our approach to building is forward thinking, our approach is very traditional, informed largely by the Midwestern ethics that shaped contractor Bob Douglas in his years building in the long winters of Minnesota and Wisconsin where he was raised. The result?

"The mark of Sierra Green Builders is total integrity in business and in craft."

-Architect Francesca Levaggi

Project Manager Jack Wroblewski summed up why consider Bob Douglas to be your contractor or builder: (read full reference)

"The reason that we have chosen him to tackle these projects were:

1. He is an excellent craftsman.

2. He is very serious about the project he is working on.

3. He gets along well with other contractors who are working on the project.

4. His prices are fair and the costs are where they should be.

5. When he give you a completion date, you can count on it, and he will work long hours to meet that completion date."

* * *

We are glad to discuss any type of building project from a small repair job to a custom home. What distinguishes us is not just our versatility in building everything from ultra modern to the American classic log home, from sustainable green buildings to the Craftsman mansion, but the care we take from beginning to end of project to make sure our clients end up truly happy with us, with the process, and with their new abode. We help clients budget their projects and also offer design and decorating consultations. Along with all aspects of construction from concrete work, to roofing, framing, carpentry, stonework, trim, tiles, flooring, decking, window and door installation, and finish carpentry, we can also help a home owner choose fixtures, appliances, window treatments, flooring and tile, and paint color palate.

Bob Douglas handcrafted this home that was featured in Log Home Magazine

From breaking ground to the final styling touches of building custom furniture,Sierra Green Builders strives to make your building experience as sturdy and comfortable as your home itself.

Contact us by phone, by email, with any project, great or small. We hope you will join the company of ten years of truly happy clients...

                                                                                                            --Bob Douglas and Sarah Luck Pearson